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Green business Initiatives reduce carbon footprint and emissions in IT and all other support processes.

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Our Environmental Mission

"To aid businesses world wide in utilising web technologies for the more efficient use of scarce
resources and to reduce their carbon footprint"

sitehelpdesk.com recognises the importance of protecting the environment and we take this in to consideration at all stages of decision-making. Through sales,  development, production, distribution and marketing processes of our helpdesk software utilising green business initiatives where ever possible.

Providing the basis for Environmentally Friendly working practices:

sitehelpdesk.com is committed to providing service based solutions that generate the following echo friendly benefits for organisations seeking to apply green business initiatives.

  • Home working solutions to save carbon emissions generated from non essential travel to an office.
  • Out of office working to save the cost and effect on global warming of offices being heated and lit 24 x 7.
  • Remote working via hand held devices both in the field and on the move to save the expense and reduce carbon footprint by not having to return to base.
  • Global collaboration via web technologies to save the excessive carbon output from air travel.
  • Online systems and services reducing the use of paper (carbon) based products and printing.

sitehelpdesk.com Ltd Echo Friendly Practices:

Green Business Initiatives

  •  sitehelpdesk.com staff are based in various locations around the world and can access the centralised customer support service desk directly. This includes PDA and home working access.
  • Hybrid company cars.
  • Software is promoted and distributed online, saving packaging costs and waste.
  • Simple and intuitive installation reduces the need for travel to customer sites for installation and consultancy with associated cost savings for clients and a lower carbon footprint.
  • Use of Remote Management tools for direct support online to customer networks and servers.
  • Use of Environmentally Friendly suppliers where ever possible, these include:

    Acorn Print: Forestry Commission Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody Certified. Ensuring that their paper used is manufactured in a sustainable way and printing employs chemical free operating systems and vegetable based inks with water based coatings.

    Dark Group: Use of virtualisation has reduced the number of individual servers required reducing the carbon footprint and allows for un-used capacity to be powered down when not required. Dark Group datacentres also make use of low energy cooling and lighting.

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"We are totally satisfied with the sitehelpdesk program. Very easy to install and up and running in a matter of minutes.

What we like most  is the ability to modify it to suite our needs. We tried several different help desk programs searching for the one that would work best for us.

We have made modifications to the program so it’s what we want and not what a vendor thinks we might want.

Great product at a great price."

 Jabe Herring,

Director, Communications and Information Technology

Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes



Forestry Commission

Environmental Policy (PDF)

Product Sheet (PDF)




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