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hardware and software inventory systemHardware and Software Inventory Management application for PC and Server auditing, capacity management  and configuration change monitoring. Runs as a stand-alone application or as a fully integrated add-on to sitehelpdesk-IT or sitewebdesk. Fully accessible from a web browser.

This exceptional IT asset management software tool will help you track the hardware on your network and every thing that happens with your computer assets, maintaining a full history of all changes. 

Studies indicate that you can save up to 26% of your Total Cost Ownership (TCO) when you use an asset management tool. Inventory management systems can however add to the support cost if they are complex and difficult to administer and use.

WMImonitor System Overview

This IT asset management software is simple to use and collects information on all hardware and software components of your Microsoft PC's and Servers. It is easy to install, runs on any MS SQL Server and is fully scalable to cater for even the largest network.

When implemented in conjunction with sitehelpdesk-IT, which allows any type of IT asset to be recorded, WMImonitor provides a formidable tool for total control of the IT environment.

When integrate with sitewebdesk it provides audit of your clients PC's even across the Internet to provide hardware asset management and software asset management on their behalf.

IT Asset Management Software Tracking

WMImonitor is an inventory management system that can help you track everything that happens with your computer assets.

  • Change Management and Control by maintaining a history of actual hardware components and software installed or removed.
  • Highlights alerts due to system resources or critical events.
  • An on screen entry form sent to each PC for the user to complete identifies the elements that no network management tool can tell you such as the department and the physical location.
  • Non intrusive data collection.
  • Critical events viewer.

Hardware Inventory Management

WMImonitor collects a comprehensive range of asset data utilising the Window Management Infrastructure*.

  • Machine manufacturer, model and serial, Machine name and domain (or workgroup).
  • Processor type, model and speed, motherboard, RAM memory size.
  • Drives with their names, types, sizes and free space.
  • Video adapter.
  • Last Logged in user
  • Event Log details.
  • Network adapters and TCP/IP related configuration.

Software Inventory Management

Software license purchases against actual installations and usage may be tracked to ensure legal compliance of software and identify any unutilised licences. Immediate identification of new software implementations via change management provides for a more secure environments and total control of legal licensing.

  • Operating System type, version, service pack and build number.
  • Registered software installed as seen in Add and Remove Programs list.
  • User specified file or software program collections - search out those hacking tools.!
  • Full reporting on Software installed ad-hoc searches, and their usage.
  • comparisons of licences purchased and used with allowance for multiple version installations on single machines.

Hardware and Software Reporting

Enquire and Generate reports via a user friendly interface to build reports quickly and easily.

  • Search and query tools
  • Capacity reporting to identify computers with limited resources such as disk space, memory and processor speeds.
  • Hardware summaries such as make, model, operating systems etc with enquiry.
  • Graphical 3D charts
  • Built-in enquiries and reports such as the software license compliance and inactive machines report.
  • Event Log searches and reporting on failures, errors and warnings.

Operating Environment of WMImonitor

Full access to the server for Management, Enquiry and Reporting of data is available via a web browser from any PC.

  • Server-side component called WMI Server.
  • Client-side component, called WMI Client (Or WMI Agent).
  • Agents are installed on each machine either via login scripts or locally. These may be hidden from users and run a service.
  • Connects via TCP/IP on any definable port  to provide an efficient use of network resources.
  • Available to use as a cloud service across the Internet.

The hardware and software inventory data is fully integrated with sitehelpdesk-IT or sitewebdesk to provide full enquiry within Incident Management and does not require separate access into the WMImonitor.

We can host for you on the Cloud.

Shared Open Source code* of web interfaces provides flexibility for you to integrate with your own systems and web sites.

* Windows Management Instrumentation

As the product  name suggests, the WMImonitor agent heavily utilises the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) which is the Microsoft implementation of Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM). This is an industry initiative to develop a standard technology for accessing management information in an enterprise environment. WMI uses the Common Information Model (CIM) industry standard to represent systems, applications, networks, devices, and other managed components. CIM is developed and maintained by the Distributed Management Task Force. The integration and use of WMI ensures fast and efficient, non intrusive data collection techniques that do not burden local or network resources.

* Shared Open Source Code Definition

Shared Open Source code allows viewing and modification of web pages used in the application subject to the End User License agreement (EULA). Source code is only made available to license customers after purchase. It is not free software and does not transfer rights of ownership. This provides peace of mind that changes in requirements can be met over time and removes the need to hold ESCRO agreements for software security.

Standish Group found that open source has resulted in savings of about $60 billion per year to consumers.


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"Thanks to Sitehelpdesk our work has become simpler to control"Paul van Blerk, ICT Officer
Fugro Airborne Surveys


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